Fee-ding the beast

Kevin Flores, Special Projects Editor

May 8, 2016

Student fees are increasingly propping up the Athletic Department.

In the past five years, student fees have nearly tripled while the share of student fees going toward the Long Beach State Athletic Department has gone up by 153 percent.

Most of the student fees that go to the Athletic Department come from the Student Excellence Fee and help fund student-athlete scholarships. Of the $173 paid per student for the Student Excellence Fee, $34 goes to the Athletic Department.

“The most important thing for us to compete at this level is to have scholarship,” Director of Athletics Vic Cegles said. He also noted that expenses, such as paying for officials and uniforms, goes up every year.

And according to the most recent NCAA revenue and expense reports filed by Cal State Long Beach, that burden has increasingly been put on students.

During that same period that the student fee subsidies for the Athletic Department have gone up, the amount of subsidies from the university — apart from student fees — has remained virtually the same. This has left student fees as the the source of revenue for the Athletic Department that has most drastically risen since 2011, and which now comprises more than a fifth of the department’s total budget.


Emilio Aldea | Daily 49er